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Compare Credit Cards

Credit cards can often be a good idea for the security that they offer on any big purchases you may make, or when you travel abroad, to ensure your money is always protected. If you should come up against a time were money is tight, a low interest card can be a good way to borrow the cash without a huge amount of interest at the end of the month.

0% balance transfer cards

These deals are great for transferring any debts you may have built up on other high interest credit cards. They enable you to switch your debts over so that for a time, you aren’t paying any additional interest on your spend. Many of these deals offer free balance transfers and 0% interest on spends for the first fifteen months.

Cashback rewards

For the serious shoppers amongst us, this is the card for you! Cashback cards actually pay you money back every time a payment is made to them, with some cards offering bonus rates depending on where you shop. Offers include 5% back for the first three months the card is in use, an excuse if any were needed to buy that special thing you’ve had your eye on!


Low APR cards are useful because they allow you to borrow long term with a low interest rate. As a result they can sometimes work out cheaper than taking out a personal loan because the interest is far less. The interest rates on these cards are usually, on average around 6.9% APR and often have no fees on balance transfers.

International usage

Whether you are a frequent traveller, or you just like to make sure your annual summer holiday is secure, credit cards for international use can be a very good idea. Often, they offer special benefits when they are used abroad such as 0% commission on any foreign currency or 0% on spends overseas. In addition to this, booking your holiday on a credit card means it is far more secure against cancellation and losses.

No matter what credit card you need, we are guaranteed to find the best quote for you, with instant application!